Static Guarding

About Static Guarding

Advances in technology over recent years have delivered important improvements in site safety and crime prevention. There are however times when only a physical human presence will ensure real security and peace of mind. For such occasions we offer a reliable and cost effective manned static guard service that is catered towards your specific business requirements.

Manned or Static Guarding is where property, sites or people are protected by qualified and professional security personnel. The aim of employing this service is to provide guarded protection against damage, destruction, theft or unauthorised access and involves site personnel on assignment on your premises for a long or short as you wish.

Manned Guarding adds a critical layer of protection on all kinds of sites. In locations where people may potentially be vulnerable, a trained uniformed security officer provides a reassuring presence and of course acts as a vital deterrent. Human eyes and ears can often pick up on things that even the most advanced technological systems cannot. Unlike cameras static guards can reposition themselves in real time to further investigate a situation.

At Primtac Ltd we provide trained and professional teams and individuals to protect property sites and people. We ensure a 24 hour security presence backed by regular and reliable communications and a static guarding service that works in harmony with your existing security measures and to your unique business needs and circumstances

We Provide Guarding For

Key Areas Of Main Static Guarding

Construction sites require 24 hour manned guarding to protect against unauthorised access at all hours and help to maintain the safety and well being of the site employees and property.

Commercial and Industrial premises also require round the clock security solutions. Traditionally this takes the form of manned guarding. Businesses can are vulnerable to theft and damage at all times and require a protection system that is both a deterrent and reactionary, manned guarding is the ideal solution.

Warehouses and offices can be vulnerable targets for burglaries particularly night time, after a building has been vacated. Manned guarding with regular perimeter and route patrols are an extremely effective way to dramatically reduce the risk of theft or damage.

Due to the possibility of threats from outside forces, local authorities typically make use of static security services.

We are flexible with all of our security services. This means that we can offer manned and static guarding for a wide range of industries in both the public and private sectors. Whether you are looking to deter theft, protect personnel, safeguard your premises or secure sensitive information, manned security guarding can help. Our security guards are qualified through the Private Security Authority of Ireland and have the experience required to adapt to a multitude of various situations.


Why Primtac?

Trained Guards

We know that the core of a successful manned guard service lies with the personnel themselves. That is why we train our guards to the highest standard and provide them with the required equipment and PPE. You can rely on our guards and can trust them to be capable of adapting to diverse situations.

Proactive Approach

At Primtac Ltd we firmly believe that the priority should be a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. By placing guards at your premises we can significantly reduce the risk of criminal activity, damage and theft and keep your staff from harm. In the event of an incident occurring, our staff are trained to respond swiftly and decisively.

Human Control

Security technology such as CCTV and alarm systems are not only limited in how they function but can also experience technical problems like glitches and power outages. Manned guarding adds a layer of attention that is needed for reliable and adaptable security. A manned guard is also far more likely to deter potential criminals from engaging in unlawful activity on and around your premises.

Tailored Solutions

We completely tailor our services to your business needs. When requesting a quote for static guarding, we will discuss your requirements and put formulate a solution that suits you. We are flexible in how we operate. We provide short and long term solutions and operate 24/7.