Locking & Unlocking

About Locking & Unlocking

Unless you are a 24/7 operation, there will be a point at which one of your employees will shoulder the responsibility of arriving first and unlocking the property and someone will have to lock up every evening. This is the most vulnerable part of the day for the business and for the individual involved as they are often on their own. Criminals are extremely opportunistic and might see this as an opportunity to attack.

Primtac Ltd is proud to offer a Lock and Unlock Solution for your property or business. We will be the responsible key holder and go to the premises to lock and unlock the building at a pre-arranged time. Our team of highly-trained and professional, PSA licensed Security Personnel are trained to deal with any eventuality that may arise.

We will work closely with you to ensure the correct procedures are followed as required by your insurance company. Our lock and unlock service allows you more flexibility in the hours you work without the responsibility of securing the building. Our security officers are highly trained and will lock and alarm your premises at specified times, following your individual company.