“Excellence in Quality and Service” means not only do we work tirelessly to create great results for our clients, we stand behind our people and our work. Through our sustained efforts to deliver this “Breakthrough in Security Solutions”, our clients experience the following:

1.       Primtac Limited security services  dedicated and committed professional workforce under the guidance of the firms working director who leads the organisation in its strategic focus, undertakes the appropriate professional development and skills training to ensure the quality and integrity of its workers continue to improve.

2.       Our business is providing peace of mind to the clients we serve and safe environments for their employees and customers. All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal. We value above all our ability to serve everyone who can benefit from the appropriate use of our products and services, thereby providing lasting client satisfaction.

3.       Primtac Limited security services is highly regarded as a security company of choice for professionals seeking employment. The result to our clients? Access to some of Ireland’s most sought after industry professionals.

4.       Primtac Limited security services Operations Manager has over 12 years security experience, which has driven Primtac Limited security services in developing thorough operating philosophies and practices based on this experience  resulting in stream line processes that offer value added services to our clients using the following initiatives:

4.1   Catered systems to meet client – specific requirements

Primtac Limited security services caters its services to meet its clients specific business needs. From the recruitment process through to delivery of service Primtac Limited security services tailors its services to become a true extension of each clients business.  Our systems and processes have been designed with flexibility in mind to ensure that each client receives the most effective solution.

4.2   Qualified and trained management support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

All team members within the Primtac Limited security services operations team have a thorough of each clients contract to ensure quality support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless  of the circumstances. Primtac Limited security services has an in house capability to service its clients with trained managers who understand the working contract in detail and have been to all relevant sites. Primtac Limited security services clients are allocated a designated consultant who administers the overall management of service to ensure effective and integral management.

4.3   Highly Developed Occupational Health and Safety Systems

OH&S is an integral part of the Primtac Limited security services business, and as such, we work diligently with all clients to achieve a successful OH&S record. The firms OH&S systems have been developed by trained professionals and are of the highest standard. Each and every site undertakes a thorough security risk assessment, and our team works proactively with our clients to Primtac Limited security services ensure full legislative compliance. All Primtac Limited security services consultants are qualified and appropriately licensed. In addition to site assessments and pre assignment inductions Primtac Limited security services management conduct regular on site audits.

4.4   Stringent Screening and Selection Procedures

Primtac Limited security services's temporary and full time employees are specifically selected to ensure that they have the right experience, skills, knowledge and ability to meet the needs of our clients. To develop and maintain its reputation for quality our screening processes have to be rigorous. In fact, just 7 % of our applicants make it through this process, well and truly earning their stripes as Primtac Limited security services employees.

4.5   Employee Care and Commitment

Primtac Limited security services strives to ensure that a strong rapport is built with all its employees in order to build loyalty. This approach of care and commitment results in reduced absenteeism and enhanced productivity. When it comes to delivering for a client, Primtac Limited security services is a demanding employer, but also one that appreciates and rewards effort. For example, the ‘Achievement Award’ engenders a strong pursuit of excellence for many staff.

4.6   Passion, Commitment, and Dedication

Primtac Limited security services  staff have the passion and commitment to go the extra mile for the client and always deliver the proposed services. Client and their satisfaction is Primtac Limited security services  number one priority. Primtac Limited security services will work with your team to immediately

manage any unforeseen circumstances, with the ability to promptly and effectively react to any changes. Our success is ensuring your success.

Performance, Strategy and Innovation

Database Quality

Through and strong commitment to research and development, Primtac Limited security services works closely with an I.T specialist to create customised technology that is flexible, fast, thorough, and capable of accessing required information instantly. This ‘HR Database’ addresses the data capture and analysis needs of Primtac Limited security services, and provides the flexibility required to meet the changing needs of our clients. This system allows Primtac Limited security services to record and obtain the following information:

Personal Particulars of the Employee

Current Licenses the Employee Holds

Training History

Physical Capabilities

Daily and Hourly Availability

Employment History

Specialised Skills and Attributes

 Employee Information

Primtac Limited security services ensure that our employee records are maintained, and always hold the latest information to ensure compliance of every employee on every work site.

 Client Records

In order to maintain the specific requirements set by its clients, Primtac Limited security services has ensured that its HR Database records all the client requirements.  This information is utilised to ensure correct and thorough briefings are conducted.

Employee Placement and Search Facilities

Primtac Limited security services's aim is to be an extension of your business by working closely with you to achieve your goals, and to contribute to improving your bottom line. For this reason, it is imperative that Primtac Limited security services places the right person into the right position each time, and that we record the roles we have place our employees into, and what their suitability has been in these roles.

Primtac Limited security services has stringent processes in terms of how it selects its employees from its HR database to place onsite. Our unique database process obtains details information from our clients on their requirements, allowing us to use that information to match the right employees to their site. The system allows the manager to search the following information:

Industry Experience


Employment History

Living Location

Distance from

Method of Transport

Cultural Suitability

Qualifications and Training.


Primtac Limited security services works closely with its clients to deliver accurate activity reports. In addition to incident reports and daily security log, Primtac Limited security services records additional information including all interaction which can be utilised as a tool to gather intelligence of the operational environment as well as compliance to show that the site is doing everything reasonably possible.

Primtac Limited security services's unique HR database conducts weekly Security Industry Registry checks on all licensed personnel. This ensures that each client’s security team is appropriately licensed at all times.

Business Reviews/Continuous Improvement

 Business Reviews

Regular monitoring of key performance and any other specified requirements by each site, ensures that clients receive the highest quality of customer service. It is expected that any areas in which performance in lacking will be addressed in the business review meetings and action plans formulated to rectify and improve in an effective and efficient manner.

 Performance Improvement Requests

Primtac Limited security services has an established procedure for continuous improvement which allows for performance issues to be identified and acted on through these requests. Performance improvement requests act as action plans, which specify the actions and time periods nominated to both immediate alleviate an issue as well as examine alternatives for strategic actions required to prevent reoccurrence. The performance of these improvements will be monitored on a specified schedule and results of these improvements discussed at consecutive meetings to determine their effectiveness.

Final Word

Primtac Limited security services has maintained its strong focus on client relationships and customer satisfaction. We continually strive to design and develop systematic processes that allow Primtac Limited security services to meet the evolving requirements of our clients and enable successful long – term business partnerships.

Primtac Limited security services works closely with each client to form the ultimate business partnership – promoting maximum quality production and stream line quality staff.

Our clients experience the following benefits:

Customer Satisfaction and retention.

Safe, Secure and Friendly Environment.

Continually trained and developed team.

Quality Recruitment involving thorough screening and testing to ensure the use of only high calibre staff.

The management of all staff on a daily basis to ensure the quality of our service and people.

Security Risk Management and Occupational Health and Safety advice and enhancement which in the past has helped numerous clients to achieve a safe and secure environment and a reduction in incidents and accidents.

A synergy of cultures that allows for a range of positive organisational outcomes that include exception work place safety, enhanced quality service, and impeccable communication channels.

Workplace flexibility to changing business needs that support the ongoing commercial success of every clients business.

I trust we've made your decision simple by showing you the many benefits we here at Primtac Limited security services can offer to you. So please, contact our team today on 018415510 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your security requirements.