Retail Security

Retail SecurityWith the need to provide a warm and friendly shopping environment and at the same time sustain the highest levels of security for both customers and clients, the challenges of Retail Security are constantly changing. Primtac Security Services have developed our extensive security expertise to provide you with the perfect Retail Security solution that is flexible and adaptable to suit your security needs. Primtac Security understands the Retail Security business and that presentation and image is vital to ongoing success in this sector. We work with you to reduce criminal activity and improve the image of your company which, not only leads to customer confidence but  will save you money.

The presence of a well presented security guard will deter a wide range of criminal behaviour such as shoplifting, credit or debit card fraud and abusive and threatening behaviour. Primtac Retail Security provides a top-class professional Retail Security service which portrays a precise and strong message that you value your business and take security seriously.  Retail Security will also be a strong deterrent to the possibility of in-house fraud perpetrated by your own personnel. 

Primtac Security is fine tuned to match your Retail Security needs.  We ensure our Security Officers are perfectly suited to the environment they are protecting and fit seamlessly within it to provide a presence that is strong and complementary to the imagine you portray.  Our range of Retail Security services are designed to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, while at the same time protecting merchandise from shoplifting and employee theft, responding to emergencies like fire and flood and protecting customers and staff from abuse and intimidating behaviour.

Primtac Security could help you save a lot of money per year maximising your business profits. We will monitor all activity in your shop paying special attention to any suspicious activity. Our Security Officers will liaise with police and local authorities to help establish all shoplifters to ensure they do not enter the premises, banned and or detained. Our Security officers will continually patrol your entire establishment to ensure a strong presence.  

  • Our Store Detectives will check for any health and safety threats whilst on their patrol of your establishment. Keeping you, your staff and your customers safe.
  • During Detectives duties they will monitor your Retail establishment for Health and Safety issues, accidents or near misses and will report and record them as per guidelines.
  • All staff are put through relevant training courses to ensure that our staff are kept up to date with Health and Safety, First Aid, Fire and Evacuation, Terrorism and Customer Service. 
  •  As part of our duties we can carry our weekly checks and logs of the Fire Alarm and Bomb Alarm systems within your establishment, as per client request.  
  •  Our Store Detectives will be competent and confident when dealing with emergencies, threats, personal and vehicle searches, fire awareness and assessments.
  •  Our aim is to protect people, property and premises.