Pre-Proposal Information Packet

The purpose of this pre-proposal information packet is for our prospective clients to articulate their security need. Simply put what are your needs? What, where, and why do you need security? The information that you provide us will help us understand your individual, corporate or company’s security needs. The information we receive from your organization in this pre-proposal information packet will allow our security professionals to focus on your individual situation and security deeds.

Next, if applicable, what are your realistic expectations, desired outcomes and measurable results? What type of business are you? What are the locations, times, dates, or the duration of your security needs? Please take your time and think this information through carefully. Be accurate and specific, and give us as many details as you can. The more we know, the better we can serve you and your security needs.

Primtac Security is client centered, and we offer a wide range of specialized security services that are individually designed to meet the needs of each client. The more information that you can provide for us in this pre-proposal information packet, the better we will understand your specific needs. This will allow our experts to address your individual needs, and for us to begin to build a personal, successful, and long lasting working relationship.

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